Landlord/Rental Marketing & Mgmt

Take the headaches out of finding good, qualified tenants. Get the best rents possible with the best tenants possible. Complete application screening using Experian credit reports, rental histories, criminal histories, references and incomes verified. Texas Association of Realtors leases and addendum 

Lease Marketing Plan

  1. Review market characteristics and competitive field.
  2. Positioning assessment.
  3. Complete Photos, Up to 35.
  4. MLS marketig exposure through Matrix.
  5. Full internet exposure to over 50 rental sites;,, Zillow, Trulia & all major brokerage sites like Ebby, ReMax, Coldwell Banker, etc.
  6. Marketing to my large network of clients, colleagues & associates.
  7. Yard sign.
  8.  Lock-boxes.
  9. Field all calls and manage all showings from prospective tenants.
  10. Keep you informed on showings and prospective tenant activity.
  11. Run complete tenant application to include; Experian full credit report, verify tenant hx, criminal hx, income & employment.
  12. Have lease signed and collect security deposit at lease signing.
  13. Executed TAR lease agreement and other addendum for maximum protection.
  14. Lease inventory form to tenant.

    Collect first month rent and turn over keys to tenant.

Finding The Best Tenant For Your Property Is The Goal

.Financially qualified people will often use a Realtor first. They’re working busy schedules and just don’t have time to go through all of the available choices and set up showings, handle all of the paperwork, etc. They usually have a relationship with a Realtor or they’ve been referred to a Realtor and they know it saves them time, money and a lot of leg work. They’re motivated and generally qualified for the most part, but we still have to do a complete background screening.

Often the prospects that you will get marketing and screening yourself or taking sign calls are those less qualified or unqualified prospects who are avoiding realtors and management companies because they know their background checks are more thorough and they know privately marketed properties are easier to qualify for because of less scrutiny.

I typically work with 3-4 prospects per listing each week. Some won’t pass initial qualification screening and will have to look elsewhere; some won’t find the home to be what they’re needing so they’ll look elsewhere; while others, the qualified ones we want, will begin the application process and go on to become good tenants for you. What sets me apart from other realtors is that I only work with prospects for your homes. Unlike other realtors who will take the prospects on to other homes to try to make a commission instead of working to better market your home and find the most qualified tenants for your home.

Of course, using a Realtor to market your home(s) saves you an enormous expense in marketing, time screening calls, pre-qualifying prospective tenants before you spend time showing, contacting references, verifying income, credit and criminal histories. Saves you money by being much more certain you’re getting the best crop of tenants available in the market. Less trouble, less vacant time...more money for you.

Why market your rentals with Greg?

I will take care of all of the marketing, showings and tenant screenings for you.  Your property will be marketed to the entire real estate community, all brokerages, national relocation resources and the general public for maximum exposure.  Typical time to find an acceptable tenant is 30-45 days.

A complete credit check is pulled through Experian, verification of employment and income, check rental history to assure they are not deadbeat tenants or have had any past problems such as breaking leases, evictions, etc, and a criminal background check.  You have the option to approve each tenant before lease is offered. 

After the background check and approval is complete I collect for you the security deposit and first month’s rent, execute the lease, give the tenant the keys and have them set up their monthly payments directly to you, due the 1st of each month.

I use only Texas Association of Realtor application forms, leases and addendum, which are designed to provide you maximum legal protection and flexibility.  Most of the tenants I place stay for 4-5 years, assuring you a steady, uninterrupted cash flow.  Individual management services are available on as-needed, hourly basis to include annual renewal inspections, quality control inspections, liaison between tenants and owners or other needs.

My lease fee is one-month’s rent due on move-in. I pay for any cooperating realtors that bring their clients to me from my fee.  Management services quotes available per request.  If this sounds like something you would like to explore more give me a call when you're ready and I'll be happy to answer all your questions. 

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