Spring is settling in nicely and a lot of us are looking at spring projects around the house. If you've read through some of the articles I post from HouseLogic by the National Association of Realtors® you have probably found a few good ones to help spruce up a bit. This month's article deals with some simple and inexpensive things to help with counter tops.  Additionally you may be interested in browsing through HouseLogic's library for back splash ideas that can really help spruce up an old kitchen as well as cabinet refreshing ideas. When I'm showing clients older homes a lack of updates in a kitchen stick out like a sore thumb as needing attention and sometimes signaling neglect. Conversely, freshly painted or oiled cabinets and a new back splash helps show that the kitchen has some updates and the owner/seller care about the most frequently used room in the home. 

Of course new appliances and tile flooring always help, but as a bare minimum one can freshen up the counters, cabinets and back splash for a very appealing presentation at very minimal costs. Several local building suppliers offer a wide variety of back splash options you can do yourself. 

Check out all of HouseLogic's resource materials below and enjoy your spring projects! And as always contact me should you have any questions.

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Granite kitchen counter

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