Winter 2015 Roaring Away!

Mortgage Interest rates are staying very low, building more enthusiasm to upsize and downsize.  Still below 4% for a 30 year fixed rate, but lower inventories continue to drive prices up a bit. There is a flood of buyers on the market to take advantage of low interest rates. But most people are not wanting to move, enjoying some stability over the last 3-4 years that is now driving prices with a reported increase of about 10% in existing homes since last year. 

It certainly appears Spring 2015 will be very brisk.  And these last few weeks of winter are bringing N. Texas our annual bit of ice and snow, so we're all catching our breath. Of course, next week Spring will be in the air again I'm sure with many busy weeks ahead. 

So while you're spending more time indoors, you might enjoy organizing your garages. Here's some money saving tips from House Logic to enjoy ...
Holey Rail garage organizer 

Garage Organization Ideas for Under $50

If clutter trumps cars in your garage, get organized (and make room for your vehicles) with these smart garage storage solutions, each costing less than $50. Read
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