A week In Autumn 2014

    For those of you living in the DFW area, the last couple of weeks have been interesting. The Ebola mess is getting crazy, and of course we are now getting assurances from federal reps, state reps & Rick Perry that all is well in hand. Even Judge Jenkins personally drove  the family of the infected man to a gated community (lucky neighbors) for quarantine and is telling us not to worry. That and a buck-fifty will get you a cup of coffee I guess.
    But what really got me peeved last week was being without power for 24 hrs. as a result of a not so friendly Texas storm line. Funny how times have put us in a state of mind that without digital access and electricity we can feel quite crippled.  I had to remind myself of the months I lived off the grid a bit in an Arizona desert, the river trips with just my kayak and a few power bars for a few days at a time or the many military exercises where a hot meal was a once a week affair.
    I actually went 24 hrs. without my coffee fix during this power outage. Unbelievable! I did have access to my smartphone, but charging required use of my auto battery. Oh, how that air conditioning feels so good now!  And with fall upon us well we can open the doors and windows for a change.
    You may enjoy reading this Housing Trends eNewsletter that our National Association of Realtors puts together.  Housing Trends eNewsletter is filled with local and national real estate sales and price activity provided by MLS providers and the National
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     Have a great Autumn and as always, call or email if you ever have questions I can help you with.