Is Your Home Sinking?

Please Pay Attention to Your Foundation.

It’s that time of year again. The long, hot dry summers will once again play havoc with your foundations if preventative measures aren’t followed. When the season is at this driest portion of summer you’ll begin seeing the soil separate from the base of the home, doors shifting and even hairline cracks appearing in the corners of walls and ceilings.

The best protection is a steady lawn watering program with full coverage. With most sprinkler zones you’ll often have dead spaces along the house base that will need to be watered by hand for most effective coverage. Most municipal watering restrictions are waiving hand watering and foundation watering so spend the extra time a couple days each week and don't forget to hand water tree bases as well.

A good coverage for foundations is using soaker hoses stretched around the entire perimeter of the home, about 6”-12” away from the base. Run these for an hour or two a couple of times a week in addition to hand watering. They conserve waste and deliver the water where is needed the most.

If you have questions about some possible foundation concerns, always have an independent structural engineer give you a report before agreeing to any work. Some foundation repairs companies will map out the elevations of your floor and present that as an engineer report showing your home to be off level and needing xx # of piers to bring back to level. An authentic engineer report on the other hand will use the mapped out elevation variations to complete the report that balances the numbers to the required amount of level needed to include acceptable variations, reducing, and many times eliminating, a need for costly repairs.

Often the movements experienced during the dry periods will balance out during the wet periods. Is normal to some degree, so be sure an engineer is relating that info to you vs. someone who’s job it is to sell you foundation repairs. A typical engineer report runs about $350 and will save you thousands on unnecessary repairs. See my Service Team link on my web page for names of trustworthy engineers and foundation specialists. Should leveling be necessary, a reputable service will get an engineer report for you before and after work is performed to both guide their work and to check the results. Expect about $350-$600 per pier for corrective actions on foundations in N. Texas.

The HouseLogic article at the bottom of the page, Is Your House Sinking? Drought Could be the Cause, offers some great tips as well. As always, please contact me for all your real estate needs and visit my site for featured homes, all current MLS listings and more!.

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