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It looks like the year is winding down on some good notes for the state and DFW metro area.

Employment figures are on the upswing with Texas posting 174,900 new jobs, or a 1.7%growth rate from Oct. '09 to Oct. '10. Compare that with growth rate for U.S. jobs for the same period of 636,000, or .5%. And private sector job growth was up 2.1% in Texas, so there is light at the end of this tunnel. Plus unemployment has at least remained steady at 8.1%.

Virtualy all sectors saw some growth, manufacturing in general benefited the most in the private sector while the techinical and scientific industry lost about 2,600 jobs, and the state's govt. sector lost 4,600 jobs. (stats courtesy of Texas Real Estate Center, Texas A&M)

I'm not only seeing more activity in the housing market, but the commercial side is beginning to pick up as well. While financing has been especially tough for commercial real estate, there is beginning to be some loosening. There is reportedly a lot of capital build-up that iseems to be fueling enterprise more. And of course Texas is still one of the few states that continues attracting new businesses consistently.

The prospects for all of North Texas seeing more growth in 2011 will certainly bode well for all of our businesses and services. And should keep us all busy thoughout 2011.

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