Market News

 The big news in the housing market is that DFW foreclosures have been down for the last 2 months, but still higher for the year than last year.

Constructoin of new homes was up in April but new permits fell as a result of predictions that nationally the reall estate market will slacken a bit more once the federal tax credits expired. Of course, we're blessed to be Texans and there are still some first-time homebuyer credits available through some municapilities and private rebate programs.

And there is some concern that the recent stock market slumps are a carryover from European troubles and will adversely effect recovery, but we're still chuggin' along relatively well. Prices are beginning to rebound as local investors begin building their portfolios with more stable rental properties to avoid the volatility of the stock markets. With prices at their lowest in years and interst rates very low, it looks like we'll continue the steady rise upwards, albeit slower than we would like at times.

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