Investments With Security

With the Bernie Madoff scandal and the collapse of so many large financial institutions, more people are nervous about trusting their retirement portfolios entirely to third party managers. As a result, more and more are turning to residential rental properties for their security and long term growth. And the great thing with rental properties is that you are able to leverage your investments with the tenants paying the mortgage for you and bring in a positive cash flow plus the long term growth.

Not many other investment vehicles afford those benefits. Not for everyone, rental properties are best done with a 30-40% down resulting in a positive cash flow and a little cushion for
intermitten vacancies. Many landlords maintain the same tenants for as many as 20 years. Of course tenant qualification is the key.

The market is always strong for rentals. On average, 30% of single-family homes in large cities and suburbs are tenant occupied. This is pretty standard even in thriving economies. And with prices on their lowest end of this cycle, now is the time to get in the game. Many residential investors set a goal of acquiring one new property each year, rotating inventory every 10-15 years and at retirement they have a steady cash flow with stacks of equity.

That can bring anyone peace of mind. Call me to learn more.